If your issues are a brick wall, subconscious work removes the bricks, energy work clears the mortar and debris.



I utilize energy work as part of my packages. I do not offer energy work by itself to new clients.

even More blissful than reiki

60-90 min recommended

-Speed healing time

-Experience deeper peace than you knew was possible

-Receive guidance and nurturing

-Balance and rejuvenate- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically


For lightworkers and serious seekers only:


60 minute sessions only

-Resonate with the higher frequencies of The Shift so you can feel more at ease with the chaos occurring at this time & have stronger access to your higher self.

-Ground your Essence/Higher-Self more fully and permanently into your physical body for more inner peace and wisdom.

-Activate your dormant DNA to heal & recover faster than ever on every level… plus gain access to your own superpowers.

-Make a direct connect with the divine/universe to feel the love you originate from.

-Experience the highest frequency of energy accessible to humankind at this time.

-Make the change from 3rd dimensional energy to beyond the 12th, for more bliss & vitality.


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