Q. Isn't this supposed to be relaxing? I feel overwhelmed when I'm trying to do this, and often wonder if I'm doing it wrong.

A. Many people feel overwhelmed by this process, especially their first few times. That’s okay and totally normal. It's not meant to be relaxing, it's meant to be effective. If that overwhelmed feeling persists or you experience any resistance to using these tracks, you can undo that resistance by using the track itself to feel your resistance to doing it until you’re at peace about it. (Basically complain about whatever you hate most about it.)Then get back to work! This tool does work, if you stick with it. I promise! 

If you feel it’s too overwhelming and you can’t focus on your thoughts/feelings, you can try getting worked up about the problem before you press play, listening to PSTEC on a super low volume or tapping at random at first- until you get used to it. But it IS meant to interrupt the patterns of your thoughts/feelings, so that’s part of it.

Just try your best and remember: If it feels like you’re doing it wrong, it likely means you’re doing it right!


Q. Why won't he just shut up and let me concentrate??

A. Every second of these tracks is designed to help your brain do what is needed to let go of the pain it has been stuck in. He talks the way he does for a reason. However, it's not necessary for you to be consciously listening to him while you do this. Your only job is to click and tap to the sounds while thinking about your issue. Tuning him out is fine, because he is speaking to your subconscious mind. As long as you can physically hear him, you don't have to actively try to listen to him.

Q. I’ve tried everything out there and nothing has worked. What if this doesn’t work either?

A.You can actually use the click tracks to deal with that concern. Just play the track while you worry about it not working. Go over everything you’ve tried before & lament that it didn’t work. Then freak out that you paid for this and it might not work either. Imagine being stuck like this forever. Focus on all of that in the same track. Do a couple of rounds if necessary. When we start with the belief work in a couple of weeks, you can use those tracks to clear “I had the belief that this wouldn’t work.” or “I had the belief that nothing could fix me.”

Q. I wasn’t allowed to show emotions growing up so I have a hard time feeling them now, to do this work.

A. You will have access to my hypnosis tracks soon. The one called “Fear of Emotions” would be helpful. Listen at night as you drift off to sleep. Access this recording now.

Another thing you can do is to PSTEC while you imagine you are not allowed to ever show any emotions, it is not possible, you must absolutely hold it all back, stuff them all down, it’s never ok to have, feel or display them. Alternately, you could think about what would happen if you did show them. Replay times you got in trouble for showing/having emotions.

One more thing. Numbness IS a feeling. Sometimes we have to clear the numbness or the meh before we can get to the real emotion buried under the blah.

Q. Who will I be without my anger, resentment or other defining emotions?

A. You will still be the exact same you. Just without that particular neurosis…and probably more peaceful. Trust me, it doesn’t feel as weird as you think it will. If you’re really worried about this, you can use PSTEC while you worry. Think things like “what if I become someone else without my anger?? What if my anger is keeping me from being a doormat?” etc… What I find is that you’re actually better able to address (or move on from) problem situations when you don’t have strong emotions behind them.

Q. If I let go of my stress or anger, won’t I lose motivation to do something about it?

A. Nope. But you will be able to deal with it without having a panic attack or dissolving into tears. You can PSTEC that worry if it’s keeping you from doing the work.

Q. I tried it on a memory and I can still remember it happening and think the same thoughts about it. Shouldn't I be free of that? 

A. This process doesn't erase memories, thoughts or opinions. It is designed to remove the negative emotions from those things, so that you're no longer emotionally triggered by them. You retain any lessons you learned, memories of things you've experienced, and your personal beliefs, but you are able to let go of the emotional pain or fear that used to accompany them.


Q. If I have to do a few rounds for every issue, it could take years to deal with all of my stuff. Does it ever get quicker? 

A. Yes! Having to do several reps of this work on a single issue can be frustrating. However, the more you use it the faster and more efficient it is. So, while your first few issues may need 2-4 rounds to clear, after that your brain gets used to it and most issues will clear in only one round! You may also find that you begin to have epiphanies about the issue or it’s root memory while you’re running the track.


Q. I've been working on the same issue for a couple of weeks but it keeps coming back. I feel good for a little while but then it's back again. 

A. If you find that a particular issue is being stubborn, there are typically two possible reasons for this. 1)You haven’t cleared it at the root of the issue yet. To find the root of any issue you want to ask yourself “What is the button getting pushed here? When was the first time I was made to feel this way?” Essentially you want to look through your past and find the experiences that feel related to the theme or issue you’re working on. So figure out what bothers you most about what you’re working on, then look for that theme in your past and include those various memories with the present issue while running the track. 2) You still have suppressed frustration or rage around the issue. Even the most stubborn issues will finally clear if you do a round where you have a tantrum (in your mind) about how freaking tired you are of dealing with or worrying about that issue. Use expletives, cry, really get into it as much as possible.  

One other possibility is that you need to make a life change around the problem itself. Maybe it’s a nudge from the universe to move on to a new job or make some other kind of change to improve the situation- whatever it is. Just make sure this doesn’t include trying to fix or change someone else! We can only fix ourselves.


Q. Everything I've read encourages me to focus on the positive and reframe my negative thoughts. Won't focusing on the negative just cause more pain or attract more negativity? 

A. If you have been doing a lot of mindfulness, reframing or metaphysical work this track may seem counterintuitive. If you’ve been told to focus on the positive it can feel odd or wrong to suddenly shift into full-on negative. Think about this though: Let’s say you’re like a plot of land. That land has previously been used as a toxic waste dump. Then someone comes and starts planting grass and flowers on that land. Will the plants survive, or will the toxic waste kill them? Your old beliefs, emotional wounds, traumas, abuses etc are toxic waste that keep you from being able to fully embrace the positive thoughts, beliefs, energy and behaviors you desire- no matter how hard you try. Unless you deal with the toxic waste you can’t plant a single thing effectively. The way we do the is by accessing the subconscious mind and helping it to see that it no longer needs to hold on to the negative. The Click Track is a safe container for you to dispose of your toxic waste without it impacting anything negatively.

Never have I EVER manifested anything I used the click track to get rid of.



Why is all of this necessary???

The job of the subconscious mind is to protect us. So anytime we encounter something that results in a negative outcome, our subconscious will infinitely be looking for something similar to occur so that it can warn us away from it. The problem is that similar doesn’t mean the same and we are often completely safe, while our subconscious is suddenly on high alert sending all kinds of stress chemicals cascading through us. This was very helpful in the early existence of mankind when we were actually under threat much of the time. However in the current day we react to something someone says on social media or a bill arriving as though a predator were chasing us. This is non-productive. So we need tools to convince the subconscious mind of our security or we will forever be at the mercy of these kinds of reactions. 


Most addiction (big or small) is an attempt to avoid feeling negative feelings by numbing them with a substance or activity. This process allows you to heal those feelings at their root, making any other programs to take part in much more effective.


Tim Phizackerly, a clinical hypnotherapist (and former computer programer) in Great Britain originally created this system called PSTEC in order to help with PTSD and phobias. However, it can effectively be used on ANY kind of emotional angst. This allows you to move through life with greater ease, no longer being triggered by every little thing.