Emotional Clearing Track

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Emotional Clearing Track

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Disconnect painful emotions from the thoughts and memories you struggle with most.

Whether someone said something rude to you on facebook, or your mother is laying a guilt trip on you again, this track will help you find emotional freedom and peace.

Just follow the instructions and you'll find your painful emotions draining away. The more you clear, the closer you get to becoming one of the Emotional Elite- able to move past emotional blocks in a single bound.

This track works by convincing the subconscious mind of the safety and positive aspects of allowing yourself to be at peace around the topic you're focused on.  When the subconscious mind believes something, you can then follow through with ease!

Repetition is key. I suggest using this until you are completely at ease thinking about the issue at hand, then repeating as needed for other issues.

Delivery method: MP3 File

Running time 10:15

More information about me: AprilAdams.org and AprilAdamsAuthor.com


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