Frequency of Abundance Hypnosis mp3

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Frequency of Abundance Hypnosis mp3


Your energetic frequency- your "vibe" has a lot to do with what you attract.

If you've been having a hard time attracting what you desire, then it's time to switch your frequency to one that resonates with abundance rather than one that repels it.

This track works by convincing the subconscious mind of the ability to change its thoughts around abundance and to tune in to a different frequency. When the subconscious mind believes something, you can then follow through with ease!

Repetition is key. I suggest listening daily and/or nightly until you are seeing/feeling a shift around receiving, manifesting and becoming abundance, then repeating as needed for other related issues.

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Running time 8:09

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I suggest pairing this hypnosis with the free tracks found here for emotional clearing.  Use them to clear any fear of lack, or memories of past losses. (These tracks must be downloaded to a computer first, then can be uploaded/synced to a mobile device.)


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