Meditation For The Busy Mind Video Series


Meditation For The Busy Mind Video Series


Are you stressed?
Do you have difficulty quieting your mind enough to meditate, sleep, or stay present in daily interactions?
Do you often find yourself stuck in a negative loop of thoughts?

This Meditation Training allows you to:
~silence mental chatter
~improve mental clarity
~remain calm even under pressure
~reach increasing levels of relaxation
~clear out the extra mind-garbage to make way for inner guidance and wisdom
~great for meditation and everyday use- imagine walking through life in a state of peace
~take a shortcut to deep meditative state
~experience being in the NOW~greatly reduce stress~observe life rather than being overwhelmed by it
~improve your relationships~improve every aspect of your health- mentally, physically and emotionally

Presence Training Seminar
This is a video series, facilitated by April Adams, to explore the various methods with which to enter and utilize the deep relaxing meditative theta brainwave state. Many of us have difficulty quieting our minds for meditation and sleep. This helps you access the brainwave state that is achieved by yogis and hypnosis. Enjoy learning shortcuts to this state. You will love spending time going in and out of this state as desired. It feels awesome!

Delivery method: Digital link to online video series delivered by email after purchase- usually within 24 hours

Running time: 54:04

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