April adams

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is there something you’d like to fix about your partner?

Are you unfulfilled in your current relationship?

Do you jump from relationship to relationship, hoping the next one will finally meet your needs?

Do you have trouble letting go of things, big or small?

Ten years ago, I was exactly the same way.

Easily hurt, longing for more, aching for the honeymoon phase to return.

In fact, it was all I could think about back then.

I tried everything.

Begging my partner to go back to being the person I had fallen in love with


Self-help books

At some point I realized that I was the common denominator in all of my relationships.

That I was the one with this endless, aching need that others didn’t seem to have.

So I set out to try to fix myself using every tool, technique and modality i could find.

Still I fixated.

Until I discovered the system of techniques I want to show you.

Finally I was free.

No more longing, obsessing, hypersensitivity or relationship hopping.

I was floored.

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After I did what I will teach you in this six-week program:

My love life, and life in general have improved dramatically.

In fact, I finally have the relationship I’d always dreamed of.

Let me show you how i did it.

It’s about digging up the roots of why something triggers you and getting rid of it there- creating permanent freedom from specific triggers.

It’s about unraveling the beliefs about love, yourself and your partner that end up sabotaging your happiness.

It’s about learning how (and when!) to communicate so that you both feel heard and understood.

It’s about getting rid of the negative self-talk, insecurities and jealousies that keep you from really feeling the love you could experience.

Most of all, it’s about doing all of this on the subconscious level where over 80% of emotional reactions originate.

So you can have the love life you’ve always wanted AND can be happy and fulfilled no matter what.

What results has this gotten other people?

  • Tom & Sonia were able to get rid of their resentment and create a happy home together.

  • Lily manifested the man of her dreams, after years of hopelessness and insecurity.

  • Kayla stopped trying to change Chris and they began to relax and enjoy each other again.

  • Alice stopped believing she was better off alone and met her dream man.

  • Jill was able to let go of her anger about the affair.

  • Sherry moved on from an unhealthy marriage and is building a beautiful life with her kids.

  • Maria stopped getting upset when her boyfriend went to play sports and began to enjoy her alone-time.


Who am i?

My passion is helping others become emotionally super powered, and effortlessly be at peace, using a proven, science-based system, with a strong focus on the subconscious mind.

I’ve been a holistic practitioner of various forms for over 20 years.

I am an Author, Emotional Health Consultant, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, PSTEC Mater Practitioner, Coach, Meditation Trainer, and Energy Practitioner.

In my down time I like to paddleboard, play in waterfalls, read, sing, dance with my wife of 10+ years.