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Resentment, Grudges and Bitterness Can Eat You Alive

We’ve all read the memes, the books, the advice…

We know it’s better for us to let go of our anger and resentment.

We know it hurts us, our relationships, and our lives overall.

We know we “should” forgive and let it go.

You know exactly why it would be best to let it go

but some part of You just wont stop replaying it

That’s your subconscious mind trying to protect you

To find true relief you’ll have to address it on the subconscious level

Because, as the Buddhists (and the memes) say,

Anger is like pouring poison for someone else and drinking it ourselves.

It does NOTHING to them but it robs us of moments of peace, good health, and happiness.

It allows whatever happened to continue harming YOU, not them.

So let’s get it taken care of for good.

Let’s send them a big F-You, by getting happy.

By finding true peace.

Whether you’re in a loving relationship but feel hurt by something they did or said


someone you never plan to talk to again hurt you

it will help you have a be life to just move on

Learn my proven method to get rid of resentment for good for only $7!

I will introduce you to an 11-minute mp3 that will finally convince your subconscious that there is no longer a threat to you,

you’ll be at peace

even when you think of those negative memories.

No more fight or flight!

You’ll still have the lessons you learned, you’ll still maintain your opinion, but emotionally, you’ll be free.

And that’s priceless.


Who am I?

I’m April Adams

I’ve been a holistic practitioner of various forms for over 20 years.

I am an Emotional Health Consultant, Author, Hypnosis Practitioner, PSTEC Master Practitioner, Coach, Meditation Trainer, and Energy Practitioner.

I’m the author of two bestselling books and a workbook.

My passion is helping others become emotionally super powered, and effortlessly be at peace, using a proven, science-based system.

In my down time I like to paddleboard, play in waterfalls, read, sing, and dance with my wife of 10+ years.