Become an Emotional Health Consultant

Would you like to teach these tools to others?

Are you a holistic practitioner looking to add to your toolbox?

Would you like to build a career changing lives?

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Let me walk you step-by-step through the process of how to become an advanced PSTEC practitioner AND build a local clientele who will beg for your services.

It’s like I boxed up my business, tied a bow around it and handed it over to you!

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As a bonus for signing up, you will also receive my own list of things I PSTECed to clear my money, abundance and success blocks.

PLUS! Access to our private practitioner facebook page where you can ask questions and receive guidance and support.

What’s not included

-Testing Fees through PSTEC of $34 & $36 (an actual human grades your test!)

-This program is pretty self-explanatory, so there are no Q&A calls. (But there IS a Facebook group!)

-Training on how to be a coach or counselor (aside from how to approach PSTEC with clients and advise them how to use it.)


You must have completed ONE of the following:

-Emotion Boot Camp Online

-A package of 6 or more sessions with me

-1 year minimum of experience using PSTEC regularly on your own

*It would also be beneficial to have training or experience as a coach, counselor, therapist, holistic practitioner or spiritual guide- or just a really good bedside manner and a lot of common sense.

I’ve been an Advanced practitioner for over four years and recently received the rare honor of Master PSTEC Practitioner. I have spent the last 9 years building a holistic business and know what works and what doesn’.png
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