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 What Else does pstec have to offer?

See what else is available from Pstec Just cruise around on the site and check out what else is available through PSTEC.

Some of my favorites are PSTEC 2015, Belief Blasters, PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo, Embracing Change, Peak Performance, Cascade Release, and Click Track Accelerators.

Become an affiliate and start making a profit from recommending or using PSTEC. Affiliate commission is usually 50% of the price paid!

You can create an affiliate link for any item by going to the promote > links tabs on the dashboard. Make sure to save the link somewhere so you have it for future use! When you share that link & someone buys with it, you get a commission. You also get a commission on anything else they purchase using the same email address they originally signed up with.

Use the miracles toolkit to get your clients a solid collection of starter tools and collect a 67% commission on it!

Check out the forum to get great tips or ask questions about using PSTEC for specific issues.

Get listed as a practitioner once you’re certified, so clients can find you.

Free tools: Webinars related to PSTEC, The PSTEC Podcast, Wealth of Abundance Hypnosis, Cancer-free Hypnosis, Embracing Change, and the Original Click Tracks

*Some of these tools say they are for “Therapists Only.” That doesn’t mean you need to be a mental health counselor. It means certified PSTEC practitioner.