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What works for getting clients…and what doesn’t?

My top tip is to start local and build your business and confidence there. An online presence can often spring from that authentically when the time is right.

What different methods of promoting have done for me financially:

Networking: $1000-2500 after a year of going to the same networking group. Networking is all about consistency and building relationships, not jumping around and sampling. It’s a long game.

Building a Facebook following: $1000-2000 total, through years of effort. Facebook or Instagram fame isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. People on social media are looking for freebies and quick fixes.

Creating Facebook ads myself: Big flop. Little to nothing. I had no knowledge or experience- I had no business dabbling in something so complex on my own. I’ve had better results hiring someone to do the ads for me though… at some expense!

Getting listed in directories: $300 total. Ever.

Doing workshops and trade shows: $10,000-20,000+ annually

Word of mouth/referrals: $5000-9000 annually (once I had built a local reputation)

Podcast interviews: Drips and drabs for years, despite a multitude of interviews. Then, suddenly, one podcast brought me 70 people at once! It’s hit or miss. (Want to be interviewed on podcasts? Just send them a letter introducing yourself and letting them know your topics.)

Having a decent website with good SEO: $5000-9000 annually

There’s a clear winner here.

You can put in tons of effort in certain things and get nowhere or you can do a couple of things very simply and get great results!

Clearly my most effective business building method is workshops, expos and trade shows.

Here’s what i do:

I contact local yoga studios and women’s groups- usually via email- introducing myself. I let them know that I offer workshops and give a few examples. If they are interested, the write back and we either set up a time to meet and chat or we negotiate the workshop via email. Most studios will split the take on workshops with you 50/50 or something close to that. Which is nice because you’re getting paid to promote yourself! They do most of the recruiting of attendees, which is an extremely wonderful bonus. Most workshops cost between $15-25 per person for a 90 min-2 hr class. Don’t do free workshops unless it’s in a networking group or by invitation. Free workshops in yoga studios are not highly valued or attended.

If you have a skill that you already feel confident in teaching, then start there. But based on your work with me, it’s likely that you would be able to teach ‘Meditation for the Busy Mind’ or ‘Quick Fixes for Emotional Upsets'.’ I don’t recommend showing people PSTEC in workshops. For some reason people are not usually ready or interested in that until they’ve had an experience with you. Seeing your calm and confidence will get them wanting what you have, as well as building trust/relationships!

When you finish your workshop, give them a quick overview of what you do then offer them a booking special. Such as 50% off a first session if they book today. Or waive your deposit for a first time session if they book today.

Sample email for Yoga Studios

Sample flyer for Meditation Class

Alternatively, you can find some local ladies nights events, expos or trade shows where lots of local women will be. Start with more affordable shows where a booth might cost $50 or less, then work your way up to the bigger ones. Don’y pay to speak unless your sales game is strong. But if speaking gigs are free or paid, take every opportunity you can! The more experience you can get with this, the better!

When at your booth, offer free mini services (10-20 min) like a guided meditation, emotional clearing method, food craving exercise, chakra reading, or anything else you can offer people that might impress them and expose them to your energy & services. When you finish your mini service, give them a quick overview of what you do then offer anyone you want to attract as a client a booking special. Such as 50% off a first 90 minute session if they book today. Or waive your deposit for a first time session if they book today.

Sample Sign Up Sheet for Services

Sample Sign for Services

Once they’re in your office:

So you’ve gotten someone to come try you out privately! Congratulations! Now what?

I use this questionnaire to guide an interview with them. Taking notes on each aspect of their lives. When I get to the childhood portion, I start looking for roots of current problems & triggers. Once the interview is complete, I put down the questionnaire and tell them about what I do & how I do it. (Many people will be sold already after the questionnaire, if you sense that’s the case then skip the next step and go right to showing them packages.

If there’s time (and they’re not already asking to buy), I give them a sampling of what I can do (something similar to the mini services you might offer at an expo.) I often do energy work or one of the food tapping exercises, then say that those tools are the light version of what we’d be working with, but that we’ll need an entire session to devote to experiencing the more powerful tools.

Now you can whip out your package option sheet to show them. Go over whatever your packages include and answer every question they have. I recommend working ONLY with packages because people drift away and don’t do the work unless they’re committed to future sessions. It benefits everyone for there to be commitments and contracts in place. Offer them an extra session if they commit today (build the price into your package pricing in advance.) Make sure that whatever you’re offering them is more about the benefit & results for them than it is about selling your time. It’s not about what you charge by the hour, but what end result you can get them.

Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a huge array of tools to offer them in your packages. People aren’t usually sold by that anyway- they just want to know you can get them the result they desire. The rest is icing. It does beef a package up though if you’ve created any content of your own, like books, guided meditations or hypnosis tracks.

Don’t be afraid to recommend which package you think is best for them & the scope of what they want to achieve. Let them know they can either pay all at once or session by session, but either way they are committing to the amount of sessions in that package. Sessions are typically every 3-4 weeks unless the person prefers to do all of the work in the office with you, rather than doing the homework and only relying on you as a teacher & troubleshooter.

They will need a higher number of sessions if they don’t intend to do homework, and fewer sessions if they’re good at following through on their own. 3 sessions are good for someone who only wants to work on one trauma or phobia and nothing else. 6 sessions are perfect for people who’ve done a lot of self-work and just want to tools to plug in what they already know. 9 sessions are the sweet spot for most people because it’s a combination of learning the tools as well as an opportunity to get nurturing and support from you like energy work, hypnosis or whatever else you offer, without feeling rushed. 12 sessions are for people who want lots of accountability and nurturing or for people who won’t do the homework.

You can offer individual sessions on request and have people purchase the tools a la carte, but it’s typically far more effective for all involved if people are committed to a package. Make sure to have a price in mind for individual sessions in case you’re cornered during a consultation.

Sample Session Questionnaire

Sample Package Options Sheet 1

Sample Package Options Sheet 2

Sample Package Options Sheet 3

Sample Contract

Sample Cancellation Policy

Someone bought a package! What do I do????

Make sure they’ve signed everything, schedule their first appointment and then plug in everything you’ve learned with me, as well as any of your own special skills into a system of steps, customized to their needs and issues. Take it a session at a time. You’ve got this! Review the whole Boot Camp and PSTEC program from time to time.

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