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 What your longings and negative thought loops are trying to tell you and how to free yourself from them… forever.

Step 1

Download PSTEC Click Track 1 Here (If you haven’t already)

This download requires a computer. It will not work on a mobile device.

Watch this tech support video if you run into issues downloading.

No computer? Try this instead

Step 2

Watch the video below to learn how you can remove the underlying sense of lack and emptiness from your life for good.

Step 3


Print out the worksheet and do the steps within it.

Click here for a list of emotional needs and the related negative experiences when they’re not being met. (Optional- use only if you have difficulty naming the emotional needs while doing your worksheet.)

Step 4

Play Click Track 1 while listing all of the times throughout your life that this need hasn’t been met for you. Start with the most painful examples and apply that pain to the others memories as well. Try to maintain the negative emotion and complaints throughout the track. Do as many rounds as needed to achieve a 1 or 0 out of ten intensity rating. (It’s okay to take breaks between rounds, if desired.)

See FAQ Page if you have any challenges with the click track.

Step 5

Watch this video about Why Your Love Life Sucks

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We so often break our own hearts with our expectations of others.